7 Reasons I joined the Lib Dems

Stephen has started off an excellent meme, so I’ll just join in.

  1. The Lib Dems agreed with me on gay rights.  Specifically, at the time, the age of consent.
  2. A friend of mine ran the DELGA website at the time.
  3. The Lib Dems also agreed with me on student finance, which was important when I was going to university, and still is now generations of students are graduating with massive debt in an uncertain world.
  4. The Lib Dems also agreed with me on Europe.  Like or not, that’s the continent we all live in, and it makes sense to work with our neighbours.  There are important changes needed to make it work much much better, but on the whole, stronger together, poorer apart FTW.
  5. Finally The Lib Dems agreed with me on the importance of protection the environment.
  6. I just wanna be me!  The Lib Dems are happy letting people be themselves.  The Tories want us all to be consumers and the Labour party see us all as workers.  It’s only really people of liberal persuasion that are happy with everyone being different and special in their own unique way.
  7. I met Nick Clegg MEP at a meeting and I was really impressed.

Good grief, whaddya know?  As someone who now thinks of himself as not very hot on keeping up to date with the minutiae of party policy, it’s almost all policy reasons that made me join in the first place.

I also worried I might struggle to get to 7 reasons, but it all flowed quite easily once I started.

One comment on “7 Reasons I joined the Lib Dems

  1. vicky says:

    I agree with all those and vote LD rather than either of the other two. I’d never vote Labour. I have voted Green. I worry though that I am not good enough to agree with some LD policies, ones on raising tax for instance. I did see NC today though saying middle and lower classes would pay less and as a pensioner I’d be one of those.

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