Tweets on 2009-05-09

  • Weird media phone request: “What does Clegg think of Ashfield cllrs?” *I* dunno, you’d have to ask him! #
  • Wtf? Turned radio on. Gardner’s Question Time? On a Friday? What is this horror #bbcr4, you know how we feel about change! #
  • @jonxyz no time to get to the tent shop at Beddgelert? 🙂 I probably won’t be seeing you this weekend 😦 #
  • @chriskeating slow, shallow fry with onions, carrots, garlic, apple, mushrooms, cider, cream, peppers #
  • @chriskeating lots of cider. Tiny amount of cream / creme fraiche. #
  • Trying to decide on a honeymoon destination. I’m not sure, but I’m #tendingtropics #
  • @adamrio on streets or in gym? what sort of bodily consequences you expecting? #
  • @joswinson on “Bra-gate” – I know it’s wrong to snigger, but “strapline” pushed me over the edge. #
  • @dr_nick haven’t decided IF I’m going on holiday yet, let alone where / when / how much. And half the fun is planning it myself! #
  • 12seconds – Scary long bellropes #
  • Dear America, just because you’re having Mother’s Day this weekend doesn’t mean the rest of us are. #
  • @documentally lie in confirmed – media camp is 2pm #
  • @dr_nick you’re ready for invites already? #
  • Selling our old tat at car boot sale at Robert Shaw Primary. #
  • Made our first sale! Bouncing tigger and colander for £1.20. #
  • Sandwiched between a brightly coloured stall selling girls’ clothes and a huge van with hardware. Our stuff looks out of place. #
  • @documentally oh, bugger I must have been thinking of the unconference? #
  • Hmmm. When you take into account our entry fee and bacon cobs, so far we’ve made -£5.80 so far. Still loads of tat left! #
  • @mithomas20 no worries! #
  • Taking spare bric-a-brac to Cats Protection – and nosing around the pens to see who needs a home. #

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