Liberty’s Crown

I read via JMG that it is once again possible to visit the crown gallery of the Statue of Liberty.

If I were ever to visit the States, and if while there I fitted in New York, I’d definitely want to do that. I’m a bit of a sucker for tall buildings – eg see this post about Paris. The first time I took P to Paris, I had a “Heights of Paris” tour planned in my mind. That was when I discovered he has vertigo. And when I was in Munich for a week last summer, I climbed a mountain, the Olympic Tower, the church in the city square, and the statue of Bavaria. Probably because P wasn’t able to come with me.

Inside and outside Bavaria
Bavaria Statue     Bavaria Statue

But there’s the whole am-I-ever-going-to-NY/the USA question.

For someone who loves travelling, I’ve actually never been that far from home (either culturally or physically). Although I have been outside the EU, it has only been to countries that have, erm, subsequently joined the EU. The furthest afield I have ever been was Cyprus.

But even if I did get further afield, would I want to visit the States? As a teenager, I was vehemently anti-American, a position I have radically dialled back from as time has passed, due in no small measure to meeting lots of lovely American people, and realising that actually I choose to spend much of my leisure time happily consuming American culture.

Obviously I had a personal ban in place of visiting the US under Bush, should I reverse that now that we have a more sensible president?

As an avid consumer of US TV there are of course dozens of places I would quite like to go.  Can you see Frasier’s flat from the Space Needle?  How about the chances of bumping into Denny Crane on the streets of Boston? Or buying a few rocks of crack from Omar in Baltimore (or would that just get me a one-week-only guest slot in Homicide?)? New York, home to Law and Order and CSI: New York and countless other films would make an interesting stop, but I’d also wanna do SF, LA and all the other places with two letters in CA.  You couldn’t miss Washington (home of The West Wing).

One major decision still to make is where we go on honeymoon.  How about a coast-to-coast roadtrip? Actually one of the key considerations about our honeymoon has got to be, how happy is that country with gay people?  And whilst New York and California are probably OK, you’d have to drive through a lot of states that are much less keen on us.

Countries I would quite like to visit but am probably unlikely to

  • North Africa, eg Morocco
  • Israel (eg the Holy Land)
  • Iceland

Countries I really ought to get around to visiting not least because I have friends living there

  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • erm, the US
  • Greece

Countries that really are just too far away

  • Australia / NZ

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