Offloading books

I’m trying to declutter a bit, and have put a whole loada books on, a place where you offer to post books to strangers for free in the hope that someone will post you books you want.  There are rules and things to try and keep it fair, and I can’t get any books until I offload some.

If you want some of my books, there’s a page here that should list the ones I have knocking about.

I buy too many books – usually the very cheap second hand ones from Amazon that cost £0.01p plus P+P. And then I hold on to them.  I’m trying to get a complete collection of the Janet Evanovich / Stephanie Plum books;  I already own a full set of Alphabet books from Sue Grafton, although a big wodge of those are on loan at the moment.  I want to hold onto those.

But there are plenty of books still available.  Lots of Kathy Reichs, lots of Dan Brown, several Stephen Booth (he’s v good – Derbyshire based policiers).  Join Mooch, get a book, earn me new books. Strangely Mooch doesn’t seem to play well with Google Chrome – practically the first website I’ve encountered that struggles.

All of the books on the list are also on Bookcrossing, where I do not have a good track record.  Despite picking up other people’s books and despite registering dozens on the site, and despite leaving helpfully tagged books in interesting places (eg Cyprus) no-one has ever picked up a book I’ve left somewhere and recorded the fact on Bookcrossing.  Gah!

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