Quick plug

No, not our book (for sale, very reasonable cost).

I use fountain pens (when I remember to take them with me), and recently it seems to be harder to buy cartridges. You used to be able to get them in big boxes, now you can only get them in small boxes of six. Which seems a bit of a faff.  Even if they do last for ages.

So I wondered about converting my pens to run on bottled ink.  And googled around a bit, found a few sites, but eventually settled on Andy’s Pens. His website looks a bit dated, but has tons of useful information on it and I was able very quickly to identify the pens I own and indeed see that he had converter kits.  He also has a stock of bottled ink.

So I emailed to ask about availability, and got a reply within 24 hours.  He accepts Paypal, which is convenient, and within a few days, he’d sent me everything I needed at a very reasonable price.  

So if you need to do anything with pens on the internet, try Andy’s Pens.

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2 comments on “Quick plug

  1. Brian says:

    Hi there Alex,

    I noticed your plug for Andy’s Pens (I have only heard good things about Andy)and would just like to offer our services aswell!

    We offer a few different brands to Andy so if you have a chance check out http://www.jmpennifeather.co.uk.

    If you have any Q’s please contact us vis the website:-)

  2. […] before, Andy was super quick in replying to emails, and got the stuff in the post the same day, with the […]

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