That’s no guitar!

I thought I heard a familiar strain of music echoing across the landing.

Memetastic guitar learning has exploded across teh internetz today since Will Howells showed us how – when he wasn’t talking teh noo Dr Whoo.

Since then, I’ve had a go, as has Helen and Duffett Major, Gothic Polyphonist Rob Fenwick, and Dino Ron.

2 comments on “That’s no guitar!

  1. Will says:


    Can you post this one as a video response too? The meme is slowly climbing up the “most responded to” videos lists on YouTube 🙂

  2. niles says:

    I thought I had? Will correct that.

    Little initial confusion – thought you couldn’t respond to one video with more than one response. Seems you actually can’t use one video to respond to more than one other video.

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