Tweets on 2009-01-31

  • After a session covering firefighter fitness requirements, engaging in low intensity long duration training. #
  • (that means walking home after the meeting) #
  • Cursebird Report: @alexfoster swears like a Children’s TV Presenter. Ranked: 89,811st worldwide. – #
  • @adambird Which bit of the Council did you meet? Have you seen they’re on Twitter now: @nottinghamcity #
  • @iaindale Un jour les allemands reprendrent Alsace. Til then, they speak French not German in Strasbourg 🙂 Have fun. #
  • Having French tense worries. I think I meant reprendront not reprendrent. It used to be graffiti at a cinema in Paris. #
  • Today I have been at Fire Auth meeting at which there were hardly any women and gone ringing – where I was the only man. #

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