Tweets on 2009-01-27

  • Managing, I think, to get four medications successfully into two cats. Now just the vomit and litter tray to deal with! #
  • Oh dear. Re-reading the cat dose labels. They shouldn’t necessarily have had that much medicine. #
  • Laughing til we cry at Songsmith’s samba band remix of Roxanne #
  • Finding out the hard way the headphones aren’t plugged in and the computer is turned way up loud #
  • @jonxyz I’m trying to remember the milk also, but not liking it so much. But the Gmail widget helps. #
  • @imanokpundit 32’s a depressing age. You’re now old enough to be a grandmother legally. Happy birthday. #
  • @imanokpundit PS you have dubious honour of being my 100th follower! I might send you a prize. #
  • @creativemum best of luck with that! #

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