Tweets on 2009-01-23

  • Haven’t got as far as I would have liked with tidying my office before getting bored and playing with my computer again #
  • Talking to the vet on the phone. Another visit is indicated for injured Fudge. He’ll love that. #
  • Vet waiting room. Couple just left with empty box wiping tears from eyes. 😦 #
  • Dippy spaniel opposite straining at his lead – “never known a dog so eager to see vet” says owner. #
  • Leaving vet empty handed – Fudge needs an overnight stay and sedation so that vet can examine without getting injured. Maybe x-ray needed! #
  • @having a nursery tea. Beans and fishfingers. Onion rings and garlic mushrooms. in reply to having #
  • Mmm, lovely plate of artificial orange food. #
  • Exec meeting. Oh joy. #
  • Ooh, I can see the green shoots of… Dafodils, in my front garden. #

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