Tweets on 2008-09-16

  • Oh, you are kidding me, how did it get to be 2.30am while I was standing chatting to colleagues? #
  • Tim Farron MP asks if anyone has a bottle opener, so I open his beer with my teeth. #
  • Returning to LDV cupboard after spending hours talking to exhibitors. Voice running out. Shares plumetting. World ending imminently #
  • Asking colleagues to brainstorm vox pop questions. You can play too! #LibDem08 #
  • @markpack great minds… #
  • Memo to senior party talking head – “15 minutes of fame” was Andy Warhol not Woody Allen. #
  • Sitting next to a mother videoconferencing with her kids, which is all enormously sweet. #libdem08 #
  • Trying very hard – and failing – to think of a favourite bus route. #
  • Watching @markpack ‘s head explode #
  • Eschewing glee club this year on basis that I already injured my voice in the car last night, just by talking. #

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