Really good transport website

I have been spending today wandering around the exhibition at conference talking to all the people who have come to conference to talk to Lib Dems. Dozens of them.  We have been promoting Lib Dem Voice – the logic is if people are prepared to fork out thousands of pounds to come to conference they’d be interested in either advertising on our website or occasionally penning an article.  As we’re new every morning, as the song goes, we’re always looking for content.

There have been many interesting stalls, and we’ve spent hours talking to fascinating people.

But one website being demonstrated here in the conference has really struck as me as interesting enough to beatle away and blog about. It’s called and it had some really interesting graphical displays of transport data, specific to individual localities. Now I’m sure my council tracks this closely, but making the data widely and simply available is not something I’ve seen yet.

There were key useful tools. Pop in your constituency and it tells you all sorts of fascinating data. Nottingham South is the 39th most congested constituency; 51st highest accident level; and 447th most expensive fuel. I didn’t realise that our congestion or accident stats were that bad (top decile), but being bottom quartile in terms of petrol cost is something I knew about – drive almost anywhere else in the country and petrol is more expensive.

They also have a journey time map – click on any place in the country and they print a driving map to show you how far you can get in 5 minute segments. They show lists of traffic incidents, including accidents and roadworks; they have a map giving real-time road congestion data, and roads to avoid; they have CCTV cameras up and down the M1 to show where the current hotspots are. I wish this had been around while I still had a 40 minute motorway commute every day!

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