Tweets on 2008-09-17

  • Watching Jonathan Wallace wrestle in plastic bags. #
  • Enjoying the endorsement from Nicholas Parsons on Daily Politics #libdem08 #
  • @HelenDuffett Woo – snaps for the hashtag taxonomy #LibDem08 #
  • @helenduffet go go go ! #
  • Switching to buzz kill Nic Robinson on BBC2 #libdem08 #
  • Struggling to insert an umlaut into a plugin #
  • A little puzzled about how a campaign tactic being discussed on the One o’clock news could possibly be a secret weapon. #
  • Just leaving Soton now after a quick visit to bro and missus for some nephew-dandling. #
  • Getting back on the motorway after a wrong turn led to Sainsbury’s. #
  • Blimey, a 24-pump petrol station. #
  • Any recommendations for mobile traffic news services that actually work? #
  • Stopping at Leicester Forest East to try and work out wtf is happening at M1 J22-23 that’s causing 30 min delays #
  • Also trying to work out if alternative routes would be more than 30 mins longer. #
  • Traffic still moving normally at J21a. Services staff know neither what’s going off or how to find out. #
  • Internet says vehicle fire. #
  • Wishing @willhowells had done @M1 🙂 #
  • Paying my money and taking my choice – M1 with deff long delays or A46 poss drowning under diverted traffic… #

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