Tweets on 2008-09-15

  • Watching someone cycle over big letters on road saying “no cycling” #
  • @Toranika Join the liveblog of Make it Happen on #LibDem08 #
  • Googling “pachyderm” repeatedly and not getting the desired result. #
  • Criticising Iain Dale’s hashtag taxonomy. Or <em>lack of it</em> #
  • @markpack not while they’re still taking impressions of fluffy feet as a visa entry requirement #
  • @markpack the person sitting to my right #
  • @markpack I don’t know – why *are* hard-boiled eggs often more useful than sledgehammers in the educational process? #
  • @markpack Microphone works better than speaker realises – common problem: #
  • @iaindale It’s the very model of a modern Zoom H2: #
  • Needlessly retyping Amendment One while someone effortlessly finds it on the internet. Don’t like phrase “after ‘struggling’, insert” #
  • Moving to hall after watching debate onscreen. Room packed. Extra seats opened. Many standing. #
  • Eep. Tax-cuts ho! #LibDem08 #
  • Steve Webb “Chris Davies MEP – a household name (in Liberal Democrat households)” #LibDem08 #
  • Googling Pachyderm still not working, although there is now an advert for Elephant Car insurance which is quite funny. #
  • @GavinWhenman I’m stuck doing a computery job that will finish imminently, at which point I’m a 15 min walk away… but deff headed there #
  • V pretty moonlight on sea. #
  • Can anyone review the Revue for LDV? #LibDem08 #
  • Ouch – not sure they should let him sing in public at the revue #libdem08 #

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