Double Dactyls II

Following on from my writing about double dactyls, two family members have come up with some suggestions:

My Mum, writing about my Dad, who is a chiropodist:

Clippety snippety
Christopher Fosterfer
Cutting the nails on our
Fingers and toes

Sorting verrucas out
Hard skin and other stuff
Curing our woes

And P, who surfed a certain website and found a certain euphony in “Liberal Democrat / Mayoral Candidate” suggested:

Bibbety bobbety
Brian L Paddick an
Ex-Police Officer
Currently is

Liberal Democrat
Mayoral Candidate
Let’s hope he wins


2 comments on “Double Dactyls II

  1. rosie says:

    Liberal Democrats
    Carry the flag for pro-
    Portional votes

    Faced with the prospect of
    Chaos they give up and
    Go for their coats

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