Questions of equality

Bit surprised to read this on the Guardian website saying that a survey of gay people found most considered themselves discriminated against.  There was a bit of a ray of sunshine when it proved that people thought the Lib Dems less likely to be homophobic than the other main parties, but still nearly half of those surveyed thought that their homosexuality would be a barrier to standing for parliament, for example.  That’s definitely not the case in the Lib Dems.

One paragraph stuck out from the report:

One in four think they will be treated less fairly by police if they become a victim of hate crime, while one in five expect to find it harder than a heterosexual person to get social housing, and nine in 10 expect barriers to becoming a foster parent.

This should not be the case in Nottingham.  I have experience with friends who have been a victim of violent crime and received first rate treatment from the local police – although the perps were never caught. Being gay should make no difference to applying for a council  house (although single people of any sexuality almost never get houses, which are reserved for families, so are most likely to be offered flats).  And Nottingham City is desperate for more people to become foster parents.  We have a terrible shortage at the moment, and money is being invested in recruiting many more volunteers.  On the question-and-answer page it specifically says:

Is fostering only for married couples?

Definitely not.  It does not matter whether you are married, in a partnership, single, separated, or in a same sex relationship.  However, we do ask that any couples have lived together for at least 2 years and have a stable, caring relationship

 There certainly are barriers to becoming foster parents and to getting social housing.  There are quite simply not enough council houses for everyone to have one or for everyone to have their first preference of accommodation.  Becoming a foster parent is not easy, with lengthy training and assessment to complete first.  But being gay should make no difference.

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