Wii weather forecast

The Wii 5-day weather forecast does not auger well for our camping trip to Norfolk next week:


The only day it’s not tipping it down, it’s below freezing at night!

Some of our friends are going in a caravan, and they say they’re going regardless. Others who are tent camping like us may well be a bit more nesh. We will have to make a decision on Wednesday when we’re supposed to head off.

Aunty’s forecast is a little better.


Still, at least it’s all good (hopefully!) for the various things I planted in the allotment last week!

3 comments on “Wii weather forecast

  1. Hmm. Just back from a weekend camping at Bramhamp Park. Great times despite the rain. Have fun in Norfolk!

  2. John says:

    I find that the wii weather seems to be consistently off-base when looking at the 5-day forecast. It’s always inaccurate to the low side. For example this week it’s forecasting 3 days from now we will be at a low of 32 degrees in Detroit, Michigan (after Memorial Day today that’s just not going to happen). Compared with weather.com there’s around a 10 degree difference in low temperatures.

    I don’t trust wii weather. I treat like a game and use other web sites for better info!

  3. Mark says:

    That’s interesting. I was just trying to figure out why the wii forecast said we were going to have 32 degree weather in Minneapolis when everyone else says we have a high of 9. Seems to have the right date, so I’m assuming it’s updating…

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