Pear Crumble

We’ve had a glut of pears that came in veg boxes over the last few weeks, just sitting on the side looking faintly unappetising. Then more pears came last week, and I finally got around to investigating Abel & Cole’s system for editing what comes in your box and excluded things we really didn’t want.

So, this evening, when it came to preparing a pud to take with us to a party evening, I looked at the pears and tried to decide what to do. This pear and almond tart looked fantastic, but I feared not being able to present it quite that well. Plus it seemed awfully fiddly, and basically seems to need you to start two days ahead of time.

In the end, I plumped for this pear crumble, and it was delicious! I think the lemon juice on the pears made a real difference in deepening the flavour. If I’d known it was that good, we wouldn’t have had a pear surplus in the first place!

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One comment on “Pear Crumble

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