Handwritten letters

Last week, we organised a debrief session for all of our council candidates at the local elections.  In order to make the invite seem a little more personal, I wrote a letter by hand, duplicated it, then topped and tailed each individual one.  Unless you were looking carefully, it would have looked like I had written the whole letter in one go.  P, who came in halfway through the topping and tailing stage, said something along the lines of “that must have taken you hours!”

To complete the effect, I also hand-wrote the envelopes.  Here’s the problem, though.  Clearly, by the time I got as far as writing more than 40 envelopes, as well as Dear XXX on more than 40 letters, my hand was tired, and not writing very clearly.

About half the letters turned up in time.  About half didn’t.  They were all posted simultaneously at the sorting office in Nottingham, entirely to Nottingham addresses.

On closer examination, looking at the printed things on the back that the automatic sorting machine leaves on envelopes, it appeared that about half of the envelopes had been via Newcastle.  Apparently the machines can’t tell the difference in my handwriting between NG8 and NE8.  And apparently the machines don’t look at the line above the postcode where NOTTINGHAM was written very plainly, and not looking in the least like NEWCASTLE.  Grrr.

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