Baddies who cheat

Another day, another odd challenge in Zelda.

I survived my endeavours in the monkey dungeon, and came through with flying colours, with only a little help from a walkthrough on IGN.

After that there was another wolf level, more wandering around digging things up and killing funny spider bugs you can smell but not see. When you’re a wolf in Zelda, there’s a button for “sense” – you can see scents and you see little things that tell you where to dig and where to sniff. It’s very well thought out and good fun to play. Since then I’ve turned back into a person and acquired exciting new tools and weapons like the famous boomerang. I’ve also learnt sumo wrestling.

And then out of no-where another frustrating challenge that’s tricky on the wrists. A hobgoblin has kidnapped one of the extremely annoying children that infest the game, and for some reason, it’s up to me to rescue the blighter. There’s no button for “Oh, grief, he’s far too annoying. Let him die!”

And so on to the baddies who cheat. No matter how many henchmen you kill the baddy can just pull out his horn and holler for more help. No such backup for me! I have to chase the main baddy whil his henchmen try and knock me off my horse. All the while there’s “hurry, panic argh!” music in the background and increasingly atmospheric weather. Grr. No further attempts this evening. My hands hurt!

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