Veg box

For some time, I’ve been vaguely wondering about getting a veg box each week as a sort of minimum “you must eat this much veg” pushy thing.

Then last week a co-incidence: Abel & Cole put a leaflet through my door saying “we’re on your street on Fridays” at roundabout the same time I read Duncan’s post extolling their virtues.

So, I signed up and selected a regular box, and for the first order got carried away and ordered a crate of organic beer as well, and some squash for P.

It arrived today, the boxes so well hidden by the delivery guy (Ron, according to the bumf) that we entirely overlooked them at first.

But I’ve unpacked the stuff now and put it away. This weeks box…

  • Chard  (??? what is that?)
  • Celery  (slightly disappointing – very leafy, not much eating bits)
  • 5 kiwi fruit
  • 4 blood oranges
  • 4 “Spartan” apples
  • 5 or so potatoes
  • 3 long, utterly filthy  parsnips

Straight away, I sampled one of the beers…

Then for my tea, as I was late home, I had a complete toast-fest, but topped it up with a kiwi fruit, an apple, and a banana (from a previous shop).

The box also had a flyer for – an idea of theirs that suggests having a box of fruit delivered to your office every week.  Something I might suggest in the office.  It is quite expensive – but the volunteers might like it…?

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5 comments on “Veg box

  1. Leigh says:

    Our carrots are usually filthy and I recall chasing K around the lounge with a particularly large and pointy parsnip!

  2. Chard is a group founded by Richard Denton-White. Boil thoroughly with a large pinch of salt.
    Grace tends to order their more exotic boxes…

  3. Grace has corrected me, we get the “Essential organic veg box” (£11 a week) but add on various bit and pieces… (I never want to see another courgette).
    Grace says Chard is slimey 😉

  4. Leigh says:

    It is if you boil it! Stir fry the white bits to soften and then add the chopped green bits to wilt.

  5. richard denton-white says:

    Chard is best eaten with chilli sauce to get rid of the nasty taste left behind by bland, tasteless oranges that don’t know what they are – not tangereines, not clementines – but grapefruits !(And rotten at that!!!)

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