Catholic adoptions

I’ve been feeling vaguely uneasy about the Catholic / gay adoption issue that’s been raging around blogs and in the media for days.

There are loads of really good posts on the issue. Will Howells. Everyone’s favourite elephant (“Did Jade die in vain?) as well as his other daddy, who went at it twice three times. Jock Coats. Paul Walters.

Why don’t they have people like Alex Wilcock on the Today programme? He’s really helped me make my mind up on the issue.

The issue is ripe for ironic inversions. Turn the categories around, and you get nonsense – probably a sure sign that hypocrisy is involved.  “They can’t help it. They were born that way.  No-one chooses to be Catholic.”  Can you imagine what would happen if gay providers of services could choose not to work with Catholics?

3 comments on “Catholic adoptions

  1. Cathy says:

    There are many cases where gays are more appropriate than straight people to adopt. Here are some examples of that.

    Kate Hilpern, who helps to place children in new homes, and was adopted herself, explains why the Catholic church is wrong. She is a professional in this area – here is what she says;

    “There are some circumstances where I’d say it was preferable for a child to be placed in a gay or lesbian household. One little girl, in particular, springs to mind who had been severely sexually abused. It was agreed by all the professionals involved that she would
    benefit from a two-parent family, but it was also felt that she would gain from slow, cautious reintroduction to men in her life. A lesbian couple rose to the challenge and the result was the emergence of a child with hope for the future, against all odds. ”


    There is also the “T Petitioner” case in Scotland from 10 years ago – a legal precedent has already been established that if a gay couple is more experienced and qualified than a straight couple, then, in the best interests of the child, the child should go to the gay couple.

    In this case, a male gay nurse (who was in a long-term stable relationship) was given custody of a very severely disabled boy. Why? Because NO available straight couple had the experience and understanding that this man had in dealing with very serious health problems in the severely disabled. He worked as a nurse caring for disabled children in a hospital and NO straight couple came even close to meeting and understanding this boy’s needs like this man did.

    The judge ruled that the nurse should have this boy because it was in the BEST interests of the CHILD to do so. Religion and sexual orientation do not come into it. That was the ruling.

  2. Cathy says:

    The Catholic church has a problem with its stance in this.

    Here are some of those problems (some of which the Catholic Church does not want you to know about).

    First of all, the Catholic Church does not fund these agencies – the UK public does through taxpayers!

    The point is that you can’t take taxpayers money (some of which comes from gays) and then tell them that they can’t use those PUBLIC services.

    The Catholic adoption agency can do what it wants as a private institution IF it funds itself.

    This means that the Catholic adoption agency can be exempted IF Catholics pay out of their own pocket – but they don’t. It is very unlikely to happen even though that would mean they can then have the “religious freedom” that they are going on about. It just seems that they are unwilling to pay for it.

    If you get public funding (as ALL of the adoption agencies do here in the UK), then you have to accept the laws that come with it.

    It is an idle threat to close down the adoption agencies as the government will simply take it over – there will not be an increase in cost as the government is paying for it already – a fact that seems to be overlooked in the Catholic community.

    As to say that the Catholic adoption agencies won’t do something because it is against their religion – well they are not being consistant about that either.

    Did you know that Catholic adoption agencies in the UK already adopt out to single gay people, divorcees, and co-habiting couples?

    Isn’t that against their teachings already?

    That makes their stance now very hypocritical and inconsistent to say the least.

    Why is one gay person OK but not a caring dedicated couple? Ridiculous.

    The other point is that there are NOT enough adoptive parents for the children in care – would you rather those children rot in the system than have a caring home? That is the stance of the Catholic church in this instance as the children they have are not for adoption though any other agency.

    Some other strange things that I have found about the whole thing:

    It is absurd that Muslims back the Catholic church on this.

    Adoption is forbidden in Islam!!

    How can you back something that is forbidden?

    And I find it disturbing that Cardinal O’Connor goes on about the welfare and protection of the children.

    He didn’t think that when he protected a known pedo, did he?

    When the Cardinal found out about a priest abusing children, do you know what he did?

    Instead of informing the police (as a caring person would), he moved the priest to Gatwick Airport Chapel!!

    Fr. Hill has been convicted of assaulting 12 children!
    (first conviction 1997)

    And the Cardinal has the nerve to say he cares about children!

    This man put the Church ahead of the safety of children – he is not fit to speak on the subject as far as I am concerned.

  3. niles says:

    Blimey – thanks for your comments Cathy – nothing if not comprehensive.

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