“Don’t pricktease, you Russian baboon!”

I’ve been given the run of the house to myself, so I have been taking the opportunity to use the shiny new DVD player I got for Christmas – on a set of Spooks series 1 DVDs.

I haven’t managed to see any of Spooks on the TV, so I’m coming to this very late. It’s really good. Very edgy with some unexpected plot-twists.

And then, halfway through the series, enter Hugh Laurie as the MI6 agent. Is he there for light relief? It seems slightly jarring – after all the high drama, the intrigue, the unexpected and gruesome deaths, the deathly seriousness, then suddenly we have Laurie, almost in the character he used to have in Fry and Laurie. Hmmm.

Just popped over to www.MI5.gov.uk -“Last updated 15.12.06 1000” – very reassuring. Hmm. And the site is available in Urdu, Arabic and Welsh. Eh? Pop over to MI6 – and that’s available in Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic and Chinese. In that order. No Welsh.

EDIT 04:21 – Gordon Bennett, that’s such a cliff hanger to end a series on!

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One comment on ““Don’t pricktease, you Russian baboon!”

  1. Leigh says:

    It is very good, isn’t it?

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