My character for tonight’s murder party is a burglar. Costume – stripey jumper, swag bag, burglar mask.

I have had no time to shop, so it’s a stripy jumper from the wardrobe stripy long-sleeved T from P’s wardrobe, a strange briefcase I got free from Viking once to have my “safe-cracking tools” in and – since I haven’t been to a costume shop, for the mask, I bought… a pair of tights. The stocking-over-the-head look is far more frightening than a comedy mask.

Just one thing – even with a tight over my head, there’s no doubting it’s me. It doesn’t disguise me at all! Just as well I really wasn’t planning on holding anywhere up.


P is going as a detective, so amongst the props I’ve bought him a Hamlet cigar. I just had to pop down to the Co-op for a pair of tights and a cigar. The guy on the till looked at me a bit strangely and said he hoped I’d have a really good night.
Happy New Year to all my readers!

2 comments on “Burglar

  1. Grace says:

    You need to go for a higher denier next time…..

    ….see sometimes us girls are useful, we know things about tights….

    ….but I am confused about a bra-wire in your washing machine…..wm’s do eat bras but hardly a concern that I would have though affected you and P….

  2. David O says:

    Now that is a scary pici you look like your going to rob a bank lol

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