Oh, dear, I’ve done it.  I’ve ordered Wii. I’ve taken Leigh’s advice and given my credit card details to Gameplay – a bumper order for Wii, Wii Play, Zelda and Rabbids.

At least when Leigh ordered, he had a count-down for Wii to arrive – I’ve no idea when they’ll fulfill the order!

I can’t go near my computer without googling Wii, so I know there’s going to be Linerider for Wii (???) and you can even get a Wii WordPress plugin that reformats your blog so that you can read it (and post to it?) from Wii.

Is it really wise to invest in new computer hardware and a massive drain on time so soon before the all-important local elections?  Probably not…

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6 comments on “Wiilapse

  1. Rob says:

    Enough with the Wii puns already! It’s starting to get downright Wii-pun-gnant.


  2. niles says:

    Oh, that’s bad!

  3. Leigh says:


    Might I suggest that for maximum familial (ie Paul) enjoyment you order an additional Wii Remote (or Wii-mote, much to Ks annoyance) and nunchuck?

    What made you order Rabbids? Or has your googling covered off reviews and recommendations already? (www.metacritic.com/games, http://www.ign.com, wii.nintendo.co.uk, http://www.cvg.com are all useful and informative sites)

  4. Leigh says:

    Ooops, silly me…that should be http://www.cvg.co.uk and of course by ordering Wii Play you are getting an additional Wii-mote…just an extra nunchuk needed then?

  5. niles says:

    Gameplay wanted me to bundle a game with the console, and of the few to choose from, it seemed the most interesting.

    Does the nunchuck do more than boxing?

  6. Leigh says:

    The tanks game in WiiPlay requires both players to have a nunchuk…and to play multiplayer Rabbids both players will need a nunchuck.

    Generally, most games coming out will use a remote & nunchuk for each player…although WarioWare (12th Jan) looks most interesting and allows 2 player fun with one player using the wii-mote and one using the attached nun-chuk!

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