Show me the Wii to go home

Off to see my parents shortly – they’ve kindly agreed to meet me in a pub halfway between home and here so that we both get a reduced drive.

The pub is in Droitwich, just off the motorway.  The normal drive home takes about three hours, half of which is driving 2/3rds of the distance on the motorway, and then just as long driving fewer miles on twisty country roads.  By meeting in Droitwich, my parents don’t have to do the motorway driving, which they don’t like, and I don’t have to do the twisty country roads, which I don’t get much practice of.  Ideal!

2 comments on “Show me the Wii to go home

  1. Mike Fisher says:

    Is the pub the Robin Hood ?
    If so I find it convenient too.

    Mike in wet and windy Droitwich

  2. niles says:

    It was indeed – and very nice it was too. Even if none of us could actually have a drink, we had a lovely meal

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