Cold, cold!

Everyone’s blogging about how cold they feel. Me too. Damn that North Atlantic Oscillation.

I never used to feel the cold much — never wore jumpers, and slept with the windows open year round. I definitely need to stock up and get jumpers in my wardrobe for this winter.

Leaving the office this evening at just gone 10.30pm and my car was already completely frosted up. I’ve never had to scrape the ice off before. Last year was mild.

2 comments on “Cold, cold!

  1. Rob F says:

    I spent this morning shoving t-shirts in to every gap I could find in my back door 😦

  2. niles says:

    Grief, that’s one approach to insulation.

    Our friendly local MEP says the German weather forecasters say that we aren’t due a cold winter after all! Don’t feel much like it.

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