More amazing google

We were pleasantly surprised the other week when we found that googling a film title gave you easy to read information on when it was showing nearby.

Now we find Google can tell you all that, and a whole lot more, by text message too. See for more information. Now you don’t have to text me when you’re stuck in a pub quiz, you can go straight to the horse’s mouth.

I tested it with the last q to arrive by text for those purposes, and it doesn’t appear that Google SMS knows who the transvestite in the Rocky Horror Show is after all. Maybe you’ll still have to text me.

Stumbled across the information about the SMS service whilst trying to find out if I could do something else easily / cheaply. I have now, thanks to eBay, got a sat nav GPS system for my mobile phone (Navicore). It has the capability of being a beacon, in a limited way — you can configure it to send a text message containing your co-ordinates at an interval you specify. It doesn’t appear to be able to send e-mails with the same information, which would be much more useful.

I was wondering if I could find something simple (hah!) that could receive text messages then plot where you’ve been on a map. Maybe even in real time over the internet. Then people wouldn’t have to text me to know where I was and what time I’d make it into the office. They’d know I was “stuck in traffic on the M1” (and not, in any way, still in bed).

Google Earth Plus seems to be able to take in GPS data, like a list of waypoints. I’m just not sure how I can get the text messages onto a computer without spending huge sums of money doing it.

This looks like it might be halfway there. I’m not sure my coding is up to it, and what’s Zope?

In the normal run of things, I don’t do a huge amount of travelling. There’s a finite amount of places I could be. It would have been far more interesting to have plotted my movements around France earlier in the year, for example.

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