New house update II

The electrician started work yesterday, and has taken up floorcoverings and started putting in sockets and replacing light fittings. I called around on my way home to have a quick look at what’s been done, and saw some of his discoveries in our house.

Concrete floorFirstly this concrete floor. We’d already seen this when we took up the carpet in the lounge. The first foot or so seemed a random floorboards and concrete mix. Why was there both? When we lifted more of the carpet it was obvious. The concrete shape is the original footprint of two fireplaces that were removed when the lounge/diner was knocked through. The house was completely remodelled inside. It was originally a front lounge, a kitchen/diner along the rear of the house side-to-side. The kitchen had a separate pantry, outside WC and a coal store under the stairs. The remodelling knocked the lounge and diner through, built a wall between the diner and kitchen, put the pantry and coal-store into the kitchen, and made an indoor loo, taking all the plumbing out of the outside WC and turning it into a cupboard. We just have to hope the chimneys and fireplaces upstairs are properly underpinned.

Space under floorThis is taken through the small hole you can see in the previous photo. There is about five feet of empty space under the floor, which explains why the floor feels so cold underfoot, and redoubles the need for underlay when we do get the carpetting done. There’s rather a lot of space under there.

Drawing under floorThe electrician has had to lift the laminate in the dining room. The floorcovering sits on lining paper, which had been illustrated by whoever put the floor down. A cartoon face and a tree with a fence and a gate.

Drawing under floor

Fireplace with tilesUpstairs now to the room that will be my office. Obviously, we knew about the upstairs fireplaces but wondered how you could use them, when the carpeting goes right under the grate? Lifting the carpet has revealed these original tiles, flush with the floorboards.

The house is definitely cold. I left an electronic max/min thermometer there 48 hours ago. When I turned up this evening, the heating was on full blast and had been for several hours, due to a mistake setting its clock. Thermometer read 16 deg C in the lounge, the warmest the house has been for the last 48 hours. Coldest temperature was 10. I already have an appointment with an insulation specialist. We’re going to need a heating inspecting too, I think.

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One comment on “New house update II

  1. mym says:

    “There is about five feet of empty space under the floor”

    Good lord Niles, God is clearly trying to tell you to have a wine cellar.

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