Posh do

My phone line is in and working. Some confusion when the NTL engineers arrived this morning because they thought they were installing two lines, and I was only expecting one.

Another perk of being a councillor, clearly, is working in the glorious bulding that is Nottingham Council House. The building is not only used for council business, but occasionally it is hired out for functions. I was calling through this evening to check my pigeonhole and see which of the local issues I am presently dealing with I could feature in our next leaflet, and saw the preparations for tonight’s do. I have seen some swanky affairs, but this rather takes the biscuit. The sweeping central staircase was decked out in feature lighting — four faux flame units rippling away, and coloured accent lighting behind the plants. There were two sets of followspots hidden away at the top, but most impressively of all, at the top of the stairs, the drinks table was being prepared. With cut crystal champagne flutes, and many bottles of cassis. Someone’s getting Kir Royales later this evening, it would seem.

Not me, however. Tonight, I’m slaving over a printing machine getting Focus ready for delivery. At nearly 10pm, I’m not nearly halfway done.

I’m still prevaricating over modes of transport to ALDC‘s meeting in Hebden Bridge tomorrow. I’ve looked into trains, and it’s going to take well over three hours to get there, via Sheffield and Leeds, whilst according to the AA, I can drive it in two. And the fare is twenty-five quid, and I don’t think it would take that much petrol. But will I get hopelessly lost? Will my weary eyes finally conk out and leave me crashing about the motorway? Will I be too weary to drive home? Sunday’s work is starting off printing 40,000 leaflets for Nottingham East, so Saturday night’s job is designing the leaflet, and I need to be at home, or at least near an internet connection to do that, so that I can show people drafts and so that I can download the appropriate pictures from the Lib Dem document vaults.

The clincher is that I’d have to be on a train at 8.39am, whilst if I drive I can probably get away with leaving at 10am. (Note to self–allow time to purchase petrol.)

In other news, our shiny new Nottingham Lib Dem website is alive and well, if presently a little sparse. More content will follow. And we will have to start issuing press releases!

Earlier today, some nasty oiky schoolchildren in Derby shouted ‘mullet’ at me — no fair! I even got a haircut yesterday (neatened, not shortened). I nearly bought a reconditioned Dyson for fifty quid from a reconditioned appliance shop near LD Books in Derby.

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