Diet be hanged

The diet has gone to pot recently, and I’ve not been recording what I eat. Unfortunately, what with the being busy and all, a lot of my meals have been junk food consumed in my car.

On Saturday, I helped run a training event for the first time since I went to training for trainers a couple of months ago. And it was quite good fun. Lots of interesting people, delivering material on campaigning that I know quite well. I could handle most of the questions, and my colleague and boss could pick up anything I couldn’t. Here’s a picture of us outside. Can you see me?

I did have to put a suit on. My one suit, bought for 50 quid when C&A closed down all those years ago, has unfortunately spent the last six months (since Bob and Dawn’s wedding) screwed up in a pile on my bedroom floor waiting for me to get around to taking it to the dry cleaners. Which I finally did with, ooh, hours to spare, before actually needing to wear it again. It doesn’t really quite go round me any more, and so I think it might be time to fork out for a new one. Plenty of opportunities to wear one coming up!

Friday night, Issan Ghazni, our PPC for Nottingham East, held a public meeting to celebrate Eid, and our guest speaker was the new Lib Dem MEP for the North West, Sajjid Karim, along with our own local MEP Bill Newton Dunn. Approximately 200 people turned up to the event, judging by my quick headcount–that’s quite a lot! A lot more would have turned out if it hadn’t been a Friday night, with many people working in taxis and restaurants, and unable to come. I was taking photos, and I must write up a press release tomorrow. And I must remember to take a tripod with me in future to meetings like this one where you want to take audience shots. Without one, you either get blur because you can’t hold the camera still for a long exposure (above), or you end up with wrong-emphasis flash photos where you can see the front row in sharp relief, but nothing but blackness behind them.

Bed now. My eyes are hurting again.


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