Gadding about

I’m making a few trips this week, but so far it’s not feeling like I’m achieving terribly much. I spent only an hour or so in Leicester today–drove all that way before realising that although I’d brought my laptop with me I’d forgotten the bloody power source. Luckily there are plenty of other machines down there, and the main reason for making the trip was to spend some time show someone how to use party software on their own computer.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Westminster for a meeting in Portcullis House. I do so hope I managed to book one of those nice new trains with electrical sockets at every seat. Flying visit into the capital and back without really time for getting anything else done in the vicinity, more’s the pity.

Friday I’m booked to go and spend some time in the Derby office–partly to finally see some of my own handiwork: a newspaper-sized leaflet I designed before Christmas but haven’t actually had a physical copy of yet. I like to try and keep copies of everything I do in a folder as a portfolio, but when it comes down to it, there’s far too much of it. The big projects, however, it’s worth keeping for posterity. And excitingly on Friday morning, NTL are turning up to put a new phone line in my house: Nottingham City councillors are entitled to have a city council telephone extension at their domicile, and they’re finally ready to put mine in.

On Saturday I’m heading to Hebden Bridge for an ALDC management committee meeting. It’s the first one I’ve been to. I can’t decide whether to go by train or to drive–actually, I’m leaning more and more to taking a train, since at least that gives me a chance to read the papers, and maybe even get some work done. Looks like I’m going to be spending the rest of the weekend slaving over a Risograph on a leaflet for Nottingham East’s Lib Dem PPC.

But now, bed. I’m working, not 100% successfully, on resetting my body clock. Since my manic all-nighter on Monday, I’ve been going to bed earlier each night, and hopefully, hitting the sack before 2am will mean I’m adequately rested for my 10.30am train tomorrow morning.

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