Weekend Zentangles

A weekend spent – so far – doodling and clearing my head.

Immensely tired as we come to the end of the first half term and so I ditched ringing for the third week at the home to stay slobbed out in front of the TV.

I also came to keeping my hands busy and doing a bit of creative doodling, and so combined two hobbies: sending postcards to strangers through Postcrossing and making Zentangles.

Here are three cards I made:

Some Postcrossing / Zentangle crossovers heading off to post tonight

Today, more of the same. Some work in my sketch book

2013-10-19 21.31.56

Some new types of different tangles.

NB, my sketchbook looks like this:

2013-10-19 21.31.38

It reminds me of my solo audiobook for Librivox, for which I still get a lot of email thanks from around the world.

I’ve also been having a go at making Zentangle tiles on Artist Trading Cards.

2013-10-19 21.31.02

I also thought I’d have a go at making one in colour, using my fab set of multicoloured fineliners. But it looks rather a dog’s dinner.

2013-10-19 21.31.28

Perhaps I should read teh chapter in my Zentangle book about colour before I have another go.

I’m quite impressed with how some of these turned out. I’m no artist but am producing little bits of work that when I return to them months later, I find myself thinking they look quite good. And that’s without the added benefit of the calmness and quiet you get from just sitting doodling for a few minutes.


More ravages of time

In prep for the school trip, I am taking my camera with me and so clearing off some old memory cards ready for use.

On it were some unflattering photos the world has come to call “selfies” since I took them. These were arms-length SLR shots on a day I had a nasty cold, but when I think I had to provide ID photos for a conference pass at short notice.

Reviewing them again, and looking at the date stamp, I realised it was almost exactly two years ago. And I didn’t look at all grey.

2011 no grey

Just for interest I took up position in front of the wallpaper to take a comparable contemporary shot. And at least half to check I still know how to work the camera. Yup. Point, half-depress, click.

2013 mucho grey

When teaching hair and eye colour I make a big joke out of being blond, and being offended when students correct me to grey, but in fact normally I am delighted if they can remember the word for grey, which doesn’t feature on support sheets for 11 year olds describing themselves.

Further self-absorbed “passage of time” posts that established bloggers get to do: