Graduation pictures

My graduation pictures from picking up my postgraduate diploma in December have arrived, which lets me write a fun comparison post.

Here’s me in 2012

PGCE graduation picture

And here’s me and my parents ten years earlier when I went for my MA graduation:


(I deliberately wore the same tie, because that’s how I roll)

It’s not nearly so dramatic a change as the ten years from 1995 to 2005 which were captured in my passport photos.

Oh, and finally, I paid to have a couple of prints of my photo and a CD, and I was really quite impressed with the copyright notice that came with it: You are granted a free licence for unlimited personal printing of this image at home or on the high street. However Tempest Photography retain the copyright of the image for the ability to make copies for reorders or schools records.

Hopefully that’s enough to allow me to post the 11MB JPG on t’internet.


3 comments on “Graduation pictures

  1. Daryl says:

    Did you dub the old picture into the new one? You don’t look a day older! And I’m not being facetious. Congrats!

  2. alexfoster says:

    Mortar board hides the grey and the gown is very slimming! 🙂

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