Parkrun #3

A personal best today at Forest Rec where I shaved 8 seconds off my previous PB!

I can’t get my head around how I achieved what I did the first time I did this.

My personal achievement this time was about the amount of time I spent running vs walking. It’s always my target to keep running without a break for ten minutes, and that is usually a significant challenge. I think it’s much more a mental problem than a physical one. My breathing is fine these days, the asthma is no longer a problem at this stage (I even forgot my inhaler this morning), I’m not cramping, my legs don’t hurt. I just can’t keep running.

This morning I managed a wopping twenty minutes of running before first breaking to a walk. Never done that before.

Looking at the splits afterwards I was pretty chuffed too – three of the KMs were roughly the same at 7mins, the final amazingly under 6mins (half of it is downhill, which helps). I deliberately start really slow and end up at the very back of the pack – but I am pacing myself well and keeping reasonably steady. My earliest 5k had wildly different times for each different split. Is this what you are supposed to do?


2 comments on “Parkrun #3

  1. Well done and do keep it up, but please try to carry your inhaler always. I like your blog. Will check in often. Feel free to visit mine

  2. pilar says:

    I think the same, the limits are those our minds tell us. When using my bicicle, I used to think “so much effort is too much for you” before an uphill. All lies, of course. Maybe my method can be useful for you: I recite words with entonation while pedalling. Sorry, I’m from Spain and words are different, but e.g.: periodic table of chemical elements; yes-I-can…

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