Tweets on 2011-09-29

  • Probably shouldn't use this in teaching. (Is your child stupid? Use him as a brush!) #
  • Cat getting wise to what appearance of the cat carrier means 🙂 (@ Arnwood Vets) #
  • Never been entirely sure about the vet's animal op pics. Now they have tv footage too! #
  • Now even estate agents understand about the Zombie Apocalypse. #
  • @JChris_J how about if I say something po-faced about how awful it is? Perhaps with an irony smiley like this one: in reply to JChris_J #
  • RT @newsaboutwomen: French feminists want to ditch ‘mademoiselle’ >>> German feminists ditched Fräulein years ago! #
  • RT @LloydieJL: The One Show reminds me of that classic Victoria Wood segue "Well, I don't know if dolphins ever get cystitis". #
  • @JChris_J mm yeah, have been thinking about it and discussed with tutor. Will talk to school next week (erk) too. in reply to JChris_J #
  • Wow, someone has told Lord Gnome about bleeding to the edge. #
  • Cripes. Law & Order: SVU is doing a DSK-style storyline as its series opener. #
  • Next Weds is World Teacher's Day. Theme: Gender Equality. What better way to celebrate than starting school placement! #
  • Rudely awoken by sound of… Vogon constructor fleet? Martian invasion? WTF is it? #
  • Trying to stop the alarm by putting my fingers in my ears. #

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