I’m a little bit obsessed with tiny houses

Eg this, recently, a tiny hotel bedroom made out of cement drainage pipes:

epic win photos - Drainage Tube Hotel WIN
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Or what I think of as a pod hotel, but Wikipedia calls a “Capsule hotel.”

I’ve been thinking about camping pods since I first saw one on the front page of the Camping & Caravanning Club mag, and wondering if I can replace the shed with one. Then I saw whole bunch at a B&B in Scotland and liked them even more:

I so want to replace the shed with one of these - think It's a camping pod.

They’re very expensive and only really sold to actual campsites, for thousands of pounds. What exactly would I do with it? I am telling myself that when nephews or godchildren visit, we can get them to sleep in the garden, but that is many years off yet. Perhaps I just want to sleep in the garden sometimes?

How about an eco-pod-home? Or a 3m x 3m x 3m bachelor cube (I once saw a suggestion that something similar would make good student digs)

The nec plus ultra though, must be these Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. Aaaaah, so cute!

Not of course that I could ever throw enough stuff away to live in 90 square feet!


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