Tweets on 2011-09-06

  • Loving the Guardian picture series about Barra's airport on the beach #wanderlust #
  • @ScottyWalks get wet šŸ™‚ in reply to ScottyWalks #
  • @helenduffett cripes! in reply to helenduffett #
  • Taken 5 goes to find a jeweler who will replace watch batteries, but this one offers free coffee while I wait šŸ™‚ #
  • Yay, working watches. Now just to get used to wearing one again. #
  • Bloody hell, when did my wrist get so fat?! #interrobang #
  • RT @dbelbin: I'm told there's an Elbow tribute band called Arse, who are so good that people can't tell them apart #
  • Wow, someone is tarring and feathering Paris parking meters. #
  • For the love of god, Flylady, will you STOP GOING ON AND ON AND ON about BLOODY WATER BOTTLES!! #
  • @DrewCR2 which one? in reply to DrewCR2 #
  • @po8crg got that one as soon as the group was split. P shouting out the Madge one very early on too. Never knew she had 4! in reply to po8crg #
  • @10anta half planned a Lib Drinks at Wellington, 1930 on Monday, that can serve also as a #ldconf #tweetup in reply to 10anta #
  • Sudden taste fantasy of curly fries. Should go and eat the fennel pasta I cooked. #
  • Oh, such treasures on't Tivo. The Simpsons Itchy and Scratchy Land episode. "Mai children need WINE!!" #

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