Tweets on 2011-09-05

  • Phew. Almost all the party washing up done and the table linen all in the machine. #
  • @dr_nick dinner party! in reply to dr_nick #
  • RT @poddelusion: A Sunday evening treat for you all… @PodDelusion LIVE in #Leicester << featuring ME! 🙂 🙂 #
  • @mithomas20 thermal socks would be cheaper in reply to mithomas20 #
  • Evensong ringing. (@ St. Peter's Church) #
  • Going upstairs on the bus #simplepleasures #easilypleased #
  • They're taking down the beach in Old Market Square. And why are they flying the Red Ensign from the Council House? #
  • @DrewCR2 I save that for the rare occasions I frequent the DLR. in reply to DrewCR2 #
  • @enitharmon ah, I knew it was their flag, but I didn't know they had a day. in reply to enitharmon #
  • RT @journodave: Now convinced that churnalism is no longer greatest threat to news. SEO optimisation is fast catching up. #
  • (I retweeeted that because I want to see how many spammy @s I get) @journodave #
  • @Alexander_Ball at least it wasn't OJ! in reply to Alexander_Ball #
  • Fulfilling my six-weekly "empty box in attic" to do. Finding weird CDs: Schubert, Elgar, Anna Russell and… Curtis Stigers… #whohe #
  • I think this box dates back to around the time Anna Russell died. #
  • @Psythor something about overcoming the initial hurdle "we're nice people really, you don't have to be perfect, give it a go" in reply to Psythor #
  • Surely, I didn't buy this CD because the singer is cute? *plays* Urgh! Jazz! *later* aaah… covers a Stephin Merritt song… badly. #
  • @Psythor "it's hard to describe" – unhelpful! and repeated… in reply to Psythor #
  • Right, enough of the Stigers. Back to the Schubert. #
  • Interestingly, the Schubert CD I just found in the attic is the one whose empty box has been on my bedside table for the last 4 years… #
  • There's still another empty Schubert CD case… with piece of music I actually wanted… CD still lost… #
  • OK, now booking flights to Dublin for christening of latest nephew. Ryanair have a new "Oxygen Reservation Fee" … #
  • So when you fly with just hand luggage, do you have to decant toothpaste into one of those little bottles too? #
  • Just had email urging me to support conference motion on Heath. Not sure whether it's about the late former prime minister or common land. #
  • @dr_nick snigger in reply to dr_nick #
  • So… who's going to win #gbbo Is it, perhaps, the guy on the cover of the TV tie-in book? @robertbillingto #

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