Vegan pop-up in Nottingham: fotos of phood

As previously mentioned, we’ve signed up to host a pop-up vegan restaurant night on 26th November.

Our chef-partner has begun setting up a website for the series of events she is cooking for this Autumn, including a sample menu page. And whilst the dishes there are not necessarily those she will be cooking on the night, as seasonality is an important factor, they do look pretty damn amazing.

My only concern with the Stripey Cat diet is that I know our hostess is much more able to eat chilli and garlic than we are – we are fast turning into People Who Like Garlic But It Doesn’t Like Us. (of which, another blogpost sometime soon)

Less vegan, we’ve also secured tickets for Clarkies in October, so we will be able to see how the only supper club in Notts does things (although their style – including a choice of three dishes for each course – seems to me to be pretty hard work!)

EDIT: Clarkies have got in touch on Facebook to say they DO do vegan food too – my apols for missing their link!

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