Tweets on 2011-09-01

  • @Meryl_F yeah, I've had dozens of wine vouchers acksherly, just this one seemed more appropriate 🙂 in reply to Meryl_F #
  • Mining the clutter for carpet. Not seen for five years. #
  • Ooh, found a long lost cd. "I spent all day… dreaming of the way I'd like to hold you." #
  • I actually wanted to find this CD for a different song, but strangely it's this track that's sticking with me. #
  • In Chinese takeaway with two 50 year old skate boarders with ratty long hair. #
  • Hmm. My Nottingham Road Chinese has a bilingual English / Welsh food hygiene certificate. #
  • @lordbonkers it's not awful, but it's a fairly massive change to have made for you unasked… in reply to lordbonkers #
  • @ChristofHughes ooh, many happies 🙂 in reply to ChristofHughes #

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