Tweets on 2011-08-09

  • @vickya63 damsons definitely not green! in reply to vickya63 #
  • Going to make ersatz Patxaran out of things in the house/garden: damsons, ouzo, vanilla and coffee beans. Sweeten after steeping. #
  • @markpack I find it very annoying and it doesn't appear to do anything useful at all. in reply to markpack #
  • @Meryl_F facebook friend says "crocosmia" and wikipedia says that's "known in Britain as montbretia" 🙂 in reply to Meryl_F #
  • According to Flylady, "Statistics show that 90% of Americans don't know what's for dinner at 4:00 PM each night!" #
  • Two people on my twitter list are at #edfringe so @jamesmcgraw why not go see @willhowells 's show #ThreeManRoast #
  • @po8crg sounds like they'd best avoid Brum, though. in reply to po8crg #
  • Hang on. What? Paul Daniels hospitalized by Sooty? eh? #
  • I never normally watch TV news – get mine from #bbcr4 But gotta rubbaneck the fires on tv. #riots 😦 #
  • RT @Psythor: Just days after Sooty callously attacked Paul Daniels, London descends into anarchy. COINCIDENCE? #
  • Argh no, ghastly local news MAKE IT STOP!! #
  • Cripes, a murder less than a mile away. Will definitely turn it off before "girl has surgery to help Korean pronunciation" #
  • @Pe27ach awful presenters! P makes me turn it off when I start swearing at the talentless cow. in reply to Pe27ach #
  • RT @nottspolice: Message to St Ann's residents #police #
  • RT @nottspolice: Force tackles night of disturbances #police #
  • I am properly impressed someone was staffing the @nottspolice account overnight and using it usefully. #

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