Crocosmia / Montbretia

Earlier today I posted a pic of some flowers in my garden that are doing especially well this year. (At least, the ones in the back garden are. The ones in the front garden are not looking so healthy)

These things in the garden are very pretty this year.

In a sign of how fragmented my socmed life is, they have been separately identified for me by my Dad (via my Mum) on Twitter, and by friends far and wide on Facebook, on Flickr and here on my blog.

All confirm they are montbretia, which is also somehow called Crocosmia.

And by a huge coincidence, Flickr had a blog post about the 6,000,000,000th photo posted to their website today.

Also of montbretia. Somewhat a better photo than mine.

I have half a chance of remembering what this plant is called now!


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