Tweets on 2011-05-09

  • Pff – no-one uses a phone for talking any more! #
  • V early for evensong ringing (@ St. Peter's Church) [pic]: #
  • Thor? I could barely thit down (@ Cineworld Nottingham) #
  • @Mighty_Booth yeah, loved it. stay for post credits scene! #
  • @NCCLols other than the offence is "personation" not "impersonation", I know nothing further than's in the article. #
  • @austinrathe ooh, yeah, let's blame the #stupidelections for that one too! 🙂 #
  • @radinden sneaky phone pic, crowdsource identification? #
  • @NottsFoodFest they've been open ages! Any news of the teahouse planned for the Fothergill Watson building on George Street? #
  • @radinden in German, schlagsahne is whipped cream, room is the Dutch for cream, so is deffo possible. #
  • Haha – @radinden has discovered the Dutch for whipped cream is "slagroom". #
  • More on Slagroom – Wikipedia #

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