Tweets on 2011-05-08

  • I had the most awesome night in the pub ever last night, with @nghodder and friends. But am definitely paying for it today! #
  • RT @jamesgraham: I've written my first blog post in 9 months: Crawling from the wreckage #Yes2AV #
  • @Mighty_Booth Nottingham city is now 50 Lab 5 Con – we lost all Lib Dem cllrs and 2 tories also defeated. #
  • @dr_nick woss Noah doing for his birthday? #
  • I'm finally getting to the part of the day when I'm not too hungover to move – but dithering over what to do first. Laundry? Tidying? Cook? #
  • @adambird that's a striking visual image, what do you mean by nail? #
  • I have really enjoyed Lucy Worsley's If Walls Could Talk series on BBC4. #
  • @adambird well, that's certainly a lot less disgusting than the "nailing" I was thinking about. #
  • Seriously, CoOp? "38grams of porridge oats, 280mls of milk" ? #
  • @NGHodder nope, never seen that before. Could be worse! #
  • Fascinating: etymology of the French word poubelle, for bin: #
  • @miltonline you probably don't wanna wear chaps. #
  • @snowflake_girll give me six months 😉 #

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