Tweets on 2011-05-06

  • @stephsirr are you in touch with Nottm Energy Partnership,, they might know of stuff #
  • @FrancesTMynors you're in Dorset??? 🙂 #
  • It must have rained again while I was nose deep in data. But stopped now, and the smell of wet tarmac is just lovely. #
  • Oh, bloody hell, where did I leave the car? And the volunteer? #
  • Ok. Polls closed. Huge amount of work happened today. Feel really juiced after talking to so many of our supporters. Thank you all! #
  • Have been knocking on doors until well after dark, expecting to be told where to go and everyone has been lovely. #
  • But I have absolutely no idea how it's gone and am steeling #
  • But I have absolutely no idea how it's gone and am steeling myself for either outcome – for myself and all my colleagues and co-cands. #
  • Popped home to gaze longingly at my bed for a bit, now… to the Count! #
  • Ooh, a lovely postcard from @helenduffett from Foreign Climes. #
  • RT @mithomas20: I see a few people yawning around this place. Long day. #
  • RT @jamesgraham: RT @BridgetFox: Suspect we'll be partying like it's 1989…. #libdems #
  • This is taking a looooong time. #
  • Not too far off the 24 hour awake mark for pretty much everyone here 😦 #
  • RT @CouncilMouse: Not a single result in at Nottingham City Council yet #
  • They have just this minute declared the first of 20 results, not ours. #
  • Most of Lib Dem team has pretty much decided there's no point waiting here for another hour listening to #Labour cheer themselves #
  • They finally declared. We lost. Now available for after dinner speaking at reasonable rates. #
  • We basically knew we'd lost at around 11pm and have spent the rest of the night trying to smile. #
  • RT @CouncilMouse: Lib Dems have seen a total wipeout in Nottingham… #
  • Surprisingly hard to sleep. #
  • Oh my goodness, it appears I'm hoarse. Is it wise to do more media? The leash is off! #
  • @meerkatmartin no, she's the authoress and former hooker Cat Arnold #
  • @meerkatmartin I was awake for 24 hrs by 6am, hence my surprise I could only sleep for a few on getting home. #
  • @meerkatmartin #
  • Hey, @stephenbarker enjoying the photos. What does the inside of the boat look like? #
  • @meerkatmartin why should you? It's not like the writing wasn't on the wall for those that wanted to read it and I have been expecting this #

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