Tweets on 2011-05-05

  • RT @poddelusion: We're running a little low on reports for this week's @PodDelusion – anyone fancy contributing something? #
  • Residents meeting followed by Local Action Group. (@ Robert Shaw Primary School) #
  • @Psythor it's not being counted til Friday, at least in many places which also have local elections #
  • Finally eating me dinner, owe em gee, I am SOOO hungry! #
  • @Psythor well, technically yes, but will be around 3am Friday in Nottm. Some places doing local election counts Friday 9am, then AV 4pm. #
  • @Psythor @helenduffett thinks it might possibly be ready for the 6pm news on Friday. Which will make it tricky for the News Quiz. #
  • Preparing thumb drive for committee room computer, only to find only file already on it was last year's EARS backup. #
  • @Snowgirl1972 look for @Alexander_Ball but he's not my party so I'm saying stumm #
  • @dr_nick Obv M not me but I really ultimately appreciated starting out with a total banger… #
  • Just popping down my local synagogue to mark three crosses for the #libdems and one for #yes2av #
  • @dwbullock yes, first job at count is separating and verifying nos of ballots cast. #
  • Brief moment of excitement as helper reverses into Committee Room #crash #tinkle #
  • Rediscovering my waterproofs aren't. #
  • @dr_nick few minor prangs didn't really matter. #
  • Telling. Or, given how quiet it is, actually not telling. (@ Southwold Primary School) #
  • Polling station is portakabin outdide, so school doesn't need to close. (@ Robert Shaw Primary School) #
  • Polling station is portakabin outside pool, because Labour closed our library last year .
    😦 (@ Beechdale Pool) #
  • In the 4sq list of places near here, Nottingham University have something called a Mixed Reality Lab. #fascinating #
  • @cupofbeans @sahilv #togetheratlast #
  • @dr_nick telling you how it is going is illegal 🙂 but will know by about 4am. #
  • @ChristofHughes brief downpour now passed – but lots and lots more forecast. #
  • Lucky escape for councillor as lamp post crashes into ground #

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