Tweets on 2011-03-07

  • Lunch with in-laws (@ The Travellers Rest) #
  • @kayray ooh, don't know those. just woke up humming Tracey's Mom. #
  • @kayray I'm also glossing over the fact that I'm not sure I can parse "Pandora OK-GO based station" ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • @journodave no, but if there *were* sound, it would sound like that. #
  • @kayray Is it like or Spotify for (checks where San Diego is) Yanks? #
  • Goodness, San Diego is VERY close to Mexico. #
  • @kayray yes, it was on. Twitter was agog. But I'm too busy and I know I can't multitask to #Wonders as it needs too much concentration. #

  • RT @mithomas20: I uploaded a YouTube video — Victoria Embankment Car Parking Protest #
  • @helenduffett I'm totally ambivalent about whether I ever actually want to visit the States or not. #
  • Two solid hours scheulding (sp?) psots for @libdemvoice. Now my mousing hand hurts! But looks like a good week for the website. #
  • RT @_spell: @alexfoster 'scheulding' could be scheduling, scalding, scolding, Schelling, secluding, scudding, sculling or schooling. #
  • Ooh, today's Groupon voucher is for Le Mistral! #
  • Ooh, today's Groupon voucher is for Le Mistral! #
  • Argh, 3am!? I have such a day tomorrow. #
  • Meeting about Environment Energy. (@ Loxley House) #
  • Have you voted yet? ยป RT @libdemvoice: Poll: What should an elected second chamber be called? #

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