Tweets on 2011-03-06

  • RT @iankridley: Peter soulsby is Labour candidate for Leicester Mayor. Byelection in Leicester S. #fb #
  • RT @10anta: I quote: 'Do you know who Susan Kramer is?' 'I don't know, some kind of murderer or something?' #lunchlols #
  • RT @LonelyWonderer: #anyquestions Lynn Faulds Wood says she will still vote LibDem. A member of the audience claps.<< John Stapleton? #
  • Such fun! (@ Derby Lib Dem HQ) #
  • Folding machine making some surprisingly unfroglike noises. Glompf, glompf, glompf. #
  • @owenblacker @marcooth not least cos four is French for oven #
  • @10anta – nonsense because they're as busy on Sundays as other days, just crazy busy in 6 hrs instead spread thru day. #

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