Tweets on 2011-02-08

  • Stood up and my loose change trickled unpleasantly down my leg. So *these* are the jeans with the hole in the pocket. #
  • My group leader keeps correcting "FOCUS team" to "FOCUS Team" – I'm guesing It's a dwindling band of folks think the distinction important. #
  • Apparently, the way I currently clean my glasses is totes wrong. No soap EVAR! (@ Specsavers) #
  • RT @moronwatch: RT @Beatidude: Abstinence is 100% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies << Starvation is 100% effective in … #
  • Brush with death as wandering through Old Market Square when plastic patio table fell from sky and landed on tracks just feet away from me. #
  • Full Council today (@ Nottingham Council House w/ @nghodder) #
  • @turtlestack risks removing protective coatings. Use proprietary cleaning sprays (which they sell) #
  • @dr_nick high winds today, guessing it blew off a roof garden somewhere I can't see. #
  • It would be hilarious if cllrs score my speech later on today È la CDWM. Unfortch it's on far too serious a topic and the mood will be wrong #
  • @Meryl_F P has Skoda Fabia and loves it. His Dad (former Merc employee/driver) v enthusiastic about Skodas generally. #
  • RT @lordbonkers: @alexfoster But I do think council meetings would go better with a snide voice over #
  • It costs the Council »0.5million to respond to FOI requests, apparently. #
  • Grief. We've already spent over 2hrs on questions. #
  • @Meryl_F yeah, think so, but not exactly 11 reg! #

  • Haha, brilliant. Lab cllrs has put a pair of marigolds in my desk drawer, as a nod to #CDWM #
  • Have made my speech. Reading verbatim from District Auditor's report listing wrongdoing at Nottm City Homes. #
  • @stephentall always, there will be greater and lesser iPads than yours. #
  • Great joke at expense of late Cllr Cowarn: "like him, I don't have a law degree. Unlike him I don't think I do." #
  • RT @NGHodder: Been in the chamber for so long. Council started at 2! Democracy is good but it can take aaagggeeesss. #
  • RT @alexfolkes: #outcasts = spooks in space << would watch based on description, if not still in full council. #
  • @alexfolkes that was Defying Gravity and was great! #
  • Popped out to get caffeinated drink. Relieved to see the Lord Mayor's Sergeant prepping the Council's guillotine. #
  • Scchhhwing! Down falls the guillotine. It's been used so seldom it's a bit rusty, but serves its purpose. #
  • @Alexander_Ball thankfully now over. The County are expecting their budget to go on till 4am. #
  • So many peeps in my timeline talking about #outcasts #
  • Well, that's long horrid day finished. Now, shall I binge eat or binge drink? #
  • Sky's slogan "believe in better" is a bit incongruous when plastered all over what looks like really trashy tv: Cougar Town. #
  • And to cap it all, CHOMPS HAVE SHRUNK! #
  • Coming late to the Gay Pirates party. But it's quite catchy, isn't it? #
  • @Mighty_Booth Gah! Spoiler, much?! #
  • @kayray haven't seen it yet. Mixed reviews on my twitter feed… but loads of people talking about it… #
  • @kayray what's not to like? #
  • @tom_geraghty if the requests are similar enough, the Council can say "info already in public domain" and point you at answer already given. #

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