Today was a nice day

There. I haven’t been able to say that for ages, but today the sun came out, and partly because of that, and partly not, I have had a good day.

I didn’t massively oversleep. I didn’t quite get up when I planned, but baby-steps, eh?

I made significant inroads into the Undelivered Leaflet Mountain. I had almost forgotten that it can be really enjoyable to go out on a sunny morning and get leaflets out.

I got a lot done. I reported some problems to the Council and I got to talk to some residents on my way around. I had a nice healthy lunch and got back on the trail.

Then this evening I cooked a really nice meal – Nigella’s meatballs and Gordon’s chocolate fondants. There was enough spare to feed the freezer as well and enough time whilst cooking to clear down the work surfaces and not the leave the kitchen looking like a minor disaster had struck.

I got to eat with my husband for a change, which was nice, and we watched the latest Episodes together, which still makes us laugh, even if Twitter is full of people who hate it.

Then out to the Print Cave to begin undoing the dent I made in the leaflet mountain earlier, then home.

Of course, it wasn’t a perfect day. I didn’t get my 5-a-day, even if I did get my NHS recommended exercise. I couldn’t park outside my house when I got home far too late. And despite it being closer to midnight than I’d like I still can’t go to bed until I’ve got a few more things done. And tomorrow is another whole question.

But still. Today was nice.


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